The user repo missing from most Linux distros

Why should I use it?

LURE allows users to install software that may not be widely distributed through official repositories, while still maintaining the convenience of installation through repository sources. This includes features such as updates and simple uninstallation. Additionally, LURE provides developers with a central location for all their users to use to install their software.

How does it work?

LURE operates by abstracting package formats and package managers, enabling the creation and installation of native packages automatically built from PKGBUILD-like bash scripts, using the package manager already present on the system. As a result, packages installed through LURE can be managed like any other package, without the need for additional intervention from LURE for most operations.


LURE can easily be installed by running its install script:

curl | bash

It's also available on the AUR as linux-user-repository-bin and distro packages are provided at the latest Gitea release.


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